4 Weeks Live and Online Certificate Course on IPR Laws by LawsWithRachna: Register by 16th March

About the LawswithRachna

LawswithRachna, an online school by Advocate Rachna Shroff, Founder, with 14 years of experience in fields of gaming laws, NBFC, Iron and Steel and top law firms like Naik & Naik Co. She conducts her flagship courses on Gaming Laws, Contract Drafting, IPR laws and Arbitration- to upskill the most basic skills of a lawyer, Gaming Laws Workshop, which is the first of its kind in India. Her Mentorship Program is making new records of leveraging students and lawyers to excellence. She is also career counselling, without any time limit -with the zeal to share about  real scenarios  from various industries she has worked with, infusing one the practical insights like never before. Her recent achievements have been her students bagging offer letters in the UK to pursue LLM as she counselled them for their SOP’s,CV and IELTS exams

About the Certificate Course

LawswithRachna is organising an online certificate course on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).


This course is open to students, legal practitioners, and advocates.


The course spans 4 weeks, featuring engaging live classes every weekend.

It begins in the Mar 17, 2024

What You Will Learn

  • Intellectual Property Rights Fundamentals: Gain a solid understanding of the foundations of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights, and their importance.
  • Trademark and Copyright Expertise: Master the ins and outs of trademarks and copyrights, including live filing of trademarks and copyright registration processes.
  • Legal Insights with Real-World Examples: Explore exceptions, case laws, and practical applications in the world of intellectual property rights.
  • Protection Strategies: Learn how to protect your trademarks and copyrights, handle refusals, and deal with infringements effectively.
  • Digital and Technology Focus: Dive into the digital realm with discussions on protecting brands online, AI and copyrights, and the copyright of websites.

Perks :

  • Recordings and PPT will be shared
  • Material will be provided
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Intelligent Assignments
  • Certificates to leverage your CV


  • Why Choose Our Course? Rachna, course instructor, is a seasoned legal professional with diverse experience. As a Gold Medalist MBA, Rachna is committed to imparting practical wisdom and shaping the legal leaders of tomorrow.

Important Dates

Last date of Registration- March 16

Course Begins on – Mar 17, 2024

Course Fees

Rs 1,500

Payment Process

Pay via UPI to gaminglaws.rachna@ybl

Enrolment Procedure

Click Here to Register.

Contact Info

Email: communicationlawswithrachna@gmail.com

4 Weeks Live and Online Certificate Course on IPR Laws by LawsWithRachna: Register by 16th March


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