Greetings from Lawful Legal,

Welcome to our comprehensive platform designed exclusively for law students and legal professionals! We also cater to the needs and requirements of individuals, startups, sole proprietors, small companies, medium-sized companies, and large corporations, all at affordable costs. Here’s a detailed overview of the services we offer:

Academic Services

  1. Research Paper Writing
    • Expert assistance in writing, editing, and formatting research papers to meet academic standards.
  2. Article Writing
    • Crafting high-quality, informative, and engaging articles on various legal topics.
  3. Memorial Making
    • Professional preparation of memorials for moot court competitions, ensuring thorough research and persuasive argumentation.
  4. Dissertation Writing
    • Comprehensive support for writing dissertations, from topic selection to final proofreading.
  5. Thesis Writing
    • Assistance with thesis projects, including literature review, methodology, data analysis, and conclusion.

Professional Development

  1. CV Drafting
    • Crafting well-structured and impressive CVs tailored to the legal industry.
  2. Research Publication
    • Guidance on publishing research papers in reputable journals.
  3. Journal Publication
    • Support for submitting articles and papers to prestigious legal journals.
  4. Statement of Purpose
    • Writing compelling statements of purpose for academic and professional applications.
  5. Cover Letter
    • Drafting persuasive cover letters to accompany job applications.

Business & Legal Services

  1. Website Development
    • Developing professional and user-friendly websites for legal firms and businesses.
  2. Legal Services
    • Providing a wide range of legal services tailored to the needs of our clients.
  3. IT & GST Filings
    • Handling IT and GST filings efficiently to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. GST Registration
    • Assisting businesses in registering for GST with minimal hassle.
  5. MSME Registration
    • Helping small and medium enterprises obtain MSME registration for various benefits.
  6. Tax Audit
    • Conducting thorough tax audits to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  7. Statutory Audit
    • Performing statutory audits to meet legal requirements and ensure financial accuracy.
  8. Company Registration
    • Streamlining the process of company registration, making it quick and hassle-free.

Financial Services

  1. Stock Market Advice
    • Providing expert advice on stock market investments and strategies.
  2. Financial Consultancy
    • Offering comprehensive financial consultancy services for businesses and individuals.

Design & Compliance

  1. Card Design
    • Designing professional business cards and other corporate stationery.
  2. TDS Return
    • Assisting with timely and accurate TDS return filings.
  3. Legal Advice
    • Providing expert legal advice tailored to the needs of our clients.
  4. Plagiarism & AI Report by Turnitin
    • Generating detailed plagiarism and AI reports using Turnitin to ensure the originality of documents.

Our team consists of skilled professionals, including lawyers, chartered accountants (CAs), company secretaries (CSs), CA and CS students, UPSC aspirants, law students, and more.

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