Bureaucrats are the new-gen YouTubers: Against the Ethics

Title: Bureaucrats are the new-gen YouTubers: Against the Ethics


Bureaucrats are the new generation of YouTubers; it may sound surprising, but it is a growing trend that raises concerns about ethical standards. Gone are the days when bureaucrats were expected to work diligently behind closed doors, focusing on administrative tasks and public service. Now, some officials have embraced the digital age and transformed themselves into social media influencers.

Ethical implications:

While this may seem harmless at first, there are numerous ethical implications involved. Bureaucrats are government employees entrusted with certain responsibilities and obligations to the public. Their primary goal should be to serve the people and ensure efficient governance, rather than seeking personal fame or financial gain.

Loss of professional neutrality:

By becoming YouTubers, these bureaucrats risk compromising their objectivity and impartiality. A public servant must remain neutral, unbiased, and committed to the principles of good governance. When bureaucrats start prioritizing self-promotion over the public interest, it can lead to a conflict of interest and erode public trust.

Conflicting role:

Furthermore, the rise of bureaucrats-turned-YouTubers, blurs the lines between personal and professional lives. Social media platforms often encourage individuals to share personal stories and opinions, which can create confusion about the official positions of these officials. It becomes difficult to distinguish between their personal beliefs and the viewpoints of the government they represent.

The monetization aspect:

The monetization aspect of YouTube also raises ethical concerns. Bureaucrats should not be using their public positions to generate income through branding deals, sponsored content, or advertisements. Such actions erode the public’s trust in their motives and can give rise to allegations of impropriety.

Bureaucrats are the new-gen YouTubers: Against the Ethics


In conclusion, bureaucrats turning into YouTubers may seem like a modern adaptation to the digital age, but it poses ethical challenges. Bureaucrats should be mindful of their responsibilities and remain focused on serving the public rather than seeking personal fame or commercial gains. Maintaining objectivity, transparency, and accountability is crucial for the integrity of public service.



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