NEET 2024

By Yamina Malek, GLS Law College.

The result of National Eligibility Test cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 was declared on 4th of the June, which was 10 days ahead of the scheduled date of June 14th, 2024 by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on its website. NEET was introduced by CBSE in the year 2013, to unify all the medical entrance exams across India. But the controversy emerged this year after the declaration of the result as total of 67 students got perfect marks and AIR 1, whereas only 2 students topped in 2023 and only 1 topped in 2019 and 2020. Students, teachers, parents and others took over the internet to protest the decency of the exam and its fairness. Several aspirants had demanded re-examination and several are making reference towards paper leak. The unrealistic number of topper has raised concern for the aspirants to get seat in colleges even with decent rank and marks. The AIIMS Delhi also has only 125 seats and only 46 general category seat were as AIR 1 are 67. NTA has clarified that it has granted grace marks as compensatory marks to 1,563 students due to time loss, among these are two candidates scored 718 and 719 respectively. Students are protesting around the country naming it ‘NEET SCAM’. Various other questions are raised relating to admission process and preference to AIR 1 in admission. 

Amidst all, a plea in Supreme Court for NEET UG- 2024 was filled to re-conduct the exam due to malpractice in exam and various instances of paper leak came to knowledge. The SC sent notice to NTA to file the response in the meantime and tagged the petition filled by 10 NEET aspirants and noted the importance of medical entrance exam. However, SC did not put hold on the counseling process for medical admission. The allegation of paper leak in national entrance exam is violation of Article 14 (right to equality) under as constitution as it will give advantage to some and disadvantage to others aspirants who attempted the exam in fair manner. Also, the petitioner has question the validity of grace marks to 1,563 students by NTA in such important medical entrance exam which is of National level. A four member committee has been formed to review this issue and provide solution to this. The NTA said that the final decision regarding re-examination will be made after this committee submits a report, which is most likely within a week. A PIL is filled in Rajasthan High Court by Keshav Pareek accusing NTA of irregularities and malpractices in conducting NEET UG 2024. PIL mentions that the NTA online applications for NEET 2024 from 9th February to 9th March and again re-opened the application portal on 8th April 2024, first time in NEET’s history which is suspicious.

Government is also slammed as thousands of student’s future is being played with. Students give years to pass their entrance exam and the they are dragged back by the National Institutes and Governments irregularities and several malpracticies. 

Main Allegations and Discoveries

– Unauthorized Release of Exam Papers: One of the primary accusations involves the intentional leaking of NEET exam papers. It is claimed that these papers were unlawfully sold to candidates who were willing to pay large amounts, giving them an unfair advantage over other test-takers.

– Stand-Ins for Candidates: Cases of individuals taking the exam on behalf of others have emerged, raising doubts about the credibility of results and the supervision at exam centers.

– Deception with Fake Identities: Dishonest practices, such as using fake identities and documents, have been documented, enabling ineligible individuals to participate in the exam under false identities.

– Tampering with Results: Concerns have been expressed about the manipulation of exam results through illicit methods, potentially impacting the selection process for medical schools.

Effects on Involved Parties

The NEET scandal has significant consequences for various groups:

– Students: Honest candidates who studied diligently now face unfair competition and uncertainty about the legitimacy of their exam results.

– Parents: Parents who have invested in their children’s education are disheartened by the lack of transparency and fairness in the exam process.

– Educational Institutions: Medical colleges are under scrutiny for their involvement in the scandal, with allegations of collaboration in exam malpractice coming to light.

“In response to the crisis, government entities and educational institutions have taken various actions:

1. Investigations: Special groups have been set up to thoroughly look into the NEET scam to find the culprits and prevent similar incidents.

2. Legal Proceedings: Legal steps are being taken against those involved in the scam, including the planners, supporters, and beneficiaries of the wrongdoing.

3. Reforms: Suggestions for changes in exam procedures, security measures, and transparency are being considered to rebuild trust in the NEET exam.


The NEET scam has led to public anger and discussions on the effectiveness of standardized tests and the broader impact on the education system. It highlights the critical need for strong measures against fraud and corruption in national exams.

To regain trust in the NEET system, collaborative efforts from regulatory bodies, educational institutions, and the government are essential. Prioritizing transparency, accountability, and fairness is crucial to ensure that aspiring medical professionals are judged based on their merit and skills.

In summary, the NEET scam of 2024 highlights the weaknesses in our exam systems and calls for immediate action to maintain the credibility of academic evaluations. Implementing comprehensive reforms and a steadfast commitment to ethical standards are vital.”

NEET 2024

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