The practice of sexually abusing someone for commercial profit is known as prostitution. Not only female prostitutes prevail there are male prostitutes as well, however they are less common than their female counterparts. In general, those who end up as prostitutes do so willingly in order to make money, but others are coerced into it as well. However, if prostitution or sex work is done freely or independently, it is not illegal.

Many of us are perplexed as to why police officers raid hotels and arrest prostitutes together with their clients if prostitution is allowed. This is especially true when it comes to news networks. While it is lawful to be a prostitute on request, yet brothels are not allowed. It is explicitly stated in our Indian Constitution that anyone can work as a prostitute but cannot own a brothel. It is against the law to force someone to engage in sexual behaviour for profit. When prostitutes are unable to operate brothels, they wind up staying in hotels with their clients. As a result, civil servants carry out raids to apprehend and guarantee that these individuals face consequences because their actions create a public nuisance, which is unacceptable. Although working as a sex worker is lawful, it should remain hidden from the public because it puts people in danger and causes annoyance.

Men and women are forced to become prostitutes for a variety of reasons. The two main causes are unemployment and poverty. Research indicates that the primary reason why women from low-income households engage in commercial sex is poverty. They take this route in order to make money and meet their basic necessities when they are unable to find employment elsewhere. Therefore, one of the main factors driving these women to become prostitutes is unemployment. In addition, some women who have been discovered to have been sexually abused in their own homes by fathers, brothers, uncles, and other male family members have lost confidence in society and have turned into prostitutes as a result. These are a few instances where certain unalienable circumstances force women to become prostitutes.

However, some women have consciously chosen to become prostitutes and have done so as a career. This results from a lack of parental supervision. They began hooking up with males for fun, enjoyment, and to satiate their sexual demands at a very young age while they were students. This typically occurs as a result of unfavorable company or influence, as well as inadequate parental supervision. They are unaware of its detrimental effects on life and health.

Not all nations have legalized prostitution; some have granted legal status to sex workers, while others have not. Kenya, Afghanistan, and Morocco are some of the nations that firmly oppose prostitution. On the other hand, prostitution has been made lawful in countries like the Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. However, prostitution is now legal in other nations, including France, Canada, India, and others, albeit with some regulations.

For prostitutes, legalizing prostitution offers a number of benefits. Most importantly, this will enhance the conditions of sex workers by giving them appropriate social status. Legalization of prostitution will make it a profession and give sex workers official authority, even while it is still frowned upon in society. They will be entitled to speak out against any injustices, including forced prostitution, violent sex, rape, low pay, etc. Additionally, this law will aid in the betterment of the health conditions of sex workers. They will be able to push for safer sexual practices, such as using condoms to prevent unintended pregnancies and diseases spread through sex.

In a similar vein, there are a lot of drawbacks. Legalization of prostitution will benefit the sex industry and traffickers alike. The sex industry will grow and human trafficking will flourish as a result. Prostitution on the streets will rise as a result of this. This will inevitably encourage men to favour commercial sex with any woman they choose, which will result in unhappy marriages. Most significantly, this will put the lives of women and even young girls at danger.

As a result, we might say that prostitution has both advantages and disadvantages. Thus, legalizing prostitution alone would not be sufficient to address the issue. Our government must act appropriately and enact laws pertaining to prostitution.

Author:- Rittika Paul, a student at Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College

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