Women’s safety

Women’s safety

Author- Dimple khareta, a Student at Fairfield institute of management and technology(GGSIPU)

Safety of women in india has become a major issue in india now. The crime rates against women in the country have only risen to a great extent. Women think twice before stepping out of their homes, especially at the night. This is , unfortunately, the sad reality of our country that lives in constant fear. women’s safety in this country is a major concern and therefore should be talked about as much as possible.

Violence and discrimination threaten women’s lives and prevent them from participating in any social activities. In india, she is revered by those who consider her goddess of the surge in crimes against women through durga, sati and sabitri.

Previously , women were confined to their homes, but urbanization has forced women to break this prison and show the world their talents on an equal footing with men. Women in india have been given equal rights as men; however, people do not follow this rule they contribute to the growth and development of our country; still, they are living in fear. Women are now on respected positions in the country, but if we take a look behind the curtains, we see even then they are being exploited. Each day we read about horrific crimes being committed against women in our country like it’s a norm.

In india domestic abuse, sexual assault and murder are common forms of violence against women. Dowry death is an ultimate form of murder. Indians are still with the psychology that dowry is tradition and girls fathers lose everything to pay it. Domestic violence or domestic abuse is done by one partner with the other partner in a relationship. The rate of domestic violence is increasing in india. 70% of women are victims of domestic violence . it leads to depression and suicides. Its not a direct murder but it is a cause of murder for sure. Moreover, girls are forced into marriage at a young age. This child bride is not even mature enough to understand her responsibility. Acid throwing is a form of violence assault which ruins the beautiful girl’s life. ‘cheat in a relationship’ is another commonly found crime against women. A man easily breaks up with his wife and starts a new life with another bride.

Women safety is crucial concern in india and a lot of organizations started working on it after nirbhaya’s case. Women should adopt some self-defence tips and tricks so that it proves helpful during the worst sceneries for them. Countless videos and information about such defensive techniques are available online for educating women’s safety. Primary and frontier tip for women is if it seems even a slight unsafe it’s better to get out of that place immediately.

Some tips regarding women safety 

  1. Self defence techniques are the first and foremost thing to which each and every woman must be aware of and get proper self-defense training for their safety. They must be aware of some effective defence techniques such as kicks to groin, blocking punches, etc.
  2. Generally most of the women are gifted with sixth sense which they must use whenever they become in some problem. They should at once avoid any situation which they feel bad for them.
  3. Escape and run is also a good way to reduce some risks of women whenever they become in problem. They should never go with any unknown person alone at some unknown places.
  4. Women must understand and feel their physical power and use accordingly. They never feel themselves weak than men and take some self defence training.
  5. They should be careful while communicating with someone on internet in the cyberspace.
  6. Pepper spray can also be proved as a useful self-defence tool however it has a drawback that some people cannot be harmed through it even after full-face spray. It may not stop the attacker so women should not depend on it completely and use other technoques also.
  7. They must have all the emergency numbers with them and whatsapp also if possible so that they can immediately tell to their family members and police.
  8. Women should be very conscious while driving the car and going to any trip. They. Must lock all the doors of car while travelling with own or private car.


Women safety is a big social issues which needs to be solved urgently by the effort of all . it is inhibiting the growth and development of the country and most importantly hurting the half population of the country in all aspects (physically, mentally, and socially). The day women in india will feel safe to do the most basic things like going to nearby shops without the fear of anything is when we will truly succeed as a country. The. Moment every citizen understands what consent is and starts respecting the women around them is when we can truly accomplish the dream that our predecessors dreamt of. But right now, we still have a long way to go as a nation. 


Q.1 What is women’s safety?

Answer:- Women’s safety refers to creating an environment where women can live, work, and travel without the fear of physical or emotional harm, harassment, or discrimination. It involves measures and practices to prevent violence, ensure equal rights, and protect women from various forms of abuse and exploitation.

Q.2 Which country is safest for girls?

Answer:- Determining the safest country for girls can be subjective and depends on various factors. However, some countries often cited for their safety and gender equality include Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. These Nordic countries consistently rank high in terms of safety and gender equality.

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