2-day Workshop on Preparing for Judicial Services  Examination (Basics to advanced) by Lawful Legal

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About Mentor

Deeksha Tewari, Mentor with more than 9 years + experience in the field of Law. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) – BALLB(H), Specialized in CORPORATE LAWS with an LLM, She also specialized in Labor and Industrial Relations PGD IN LABOR LAWS AND MANAGEMENT, Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Law (PURSUING).

Date & Time

28 & 29 June 2024 , Timing: 6:00 pm


Online – Microsoft Teams (Live)

About Workshop

This comprehensive workshop is designed to guide candidates through the entire process of preparing for judicial services examinations, from the basics to advanced strategies. The workshop can be structured into various modules to cover different aspects of preparation:

Module 1: Introduction to Judicial Services Examination

Overview of the Examination

• Types of Judicial Services Exams (BPSC, DJS, UP PCS J, HJS, etc.)

• Exam Patterns and Stages (Prelims, Mains, Interview)

• Eligibility Criteria

Understanding the Role of a Judge

     • Responsibilities and Duties

      • Career Path and Growth

Module 2: Detailed Syllabus and Subject Breakdown

•Core Subjects
     •Indian Penal Code (IPC)
     •Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC)
     •Code of Civil Procedure (CPC)
     •Indian Evidence Act

*Other Important Laws*

•Constitutional Law
•Contract Law
•Property Law
•Family Law
•Specific Relief Act
•Limitation Act
•Partnership Act

•Local Laws (specific to the state)

•General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Referencing and Citations

Module 3: Study Plan and Time Management

*Creating a Study Schedule

•Long-term vs. Short-term Planning
•Balancing Different Subjects

*Daily and Weekly Goals

•Setting Realistic Targets
•Revision Timelines

Module 4: Resources and Study Material

Recommended Books and Bare Acts
    •Subject-wise Book List

•Online Resources

•Websites, Apps, and Online Courses

Notes and Self-Made Materials

•How to Prepare Effective Notes

•Importance of Updates and Amendments

Module 5: Strategy for Prelims

Objective-Type Questions

    •How to Tackle Multiple-Choice Questions

•Time Management during the Exam
•Practice Papers and Mock Tests

Module 6: Strategy for Mains

• Descriptive Answers

   •Structuring Answers Effectively
    •Writing Practice and Time Management
   •Importance of Legal Language and Precision

• Answering Law Papers

  •How to Approach Case Laws

  •Discussing Relevant Statutes and Precedents

Module 7: Preparing for the Interview

• Personality Development

  •Communication Skills

  • Body Language and Presentation

•Mock Interviews

• Common Questions and
  Answering Techniques

• Feedback and Improvement

Module 8: Revision Techniques

• Regular Revision

  • Techniques for Effective

  • Use of Flashcards and Mind

• Group Study and

  • Benefits of Peer Learning

  • Participating in Study

Module 09: Mock Tests and Performance Analysis*

• Conducting Regular Mock

  • Full-Length and Sectional

• Analyzing Performance

    • Identifying Weak Areas

    • Strategies for Improvement

Module 10: Legal Writing and Presentation Skills

*Effective Legal Writing*

    • Clarity, Conciseness, and
• Case Analysis and Judgment Writing

  • Structuring Legal Arguments
  • Referencing and Citations

Module 11: Last-Minute Tips and Strategies

  • Final Week Preparation

   • Do’s and Don’ts

   • Quick Revision Techniques

 • Exam Day Strategy

    • Time Management during the exam 

    • Handling Difficult Questions

 Module 12: Post-Exam Process

• Result Analysis

  • What to Do After Results

• Next Steps

  • Preparing for the Next Stage (Mains/Interview)

   • Backup Plans and Alternative Career Options

Each module should include interactive sessions, Q&A rounds, and practical exercises to ensure comprehensive preparation.


•Taught by industry expert

•Interactive online sessions

•Networking opportunities

•e-Certificate for participation

•Access to Recordings

•5000+ Editable Legal Drafts

Registration Fee

For Students: 1100
For professionals :2100

Payment: lawful.legal@ybl

Gpay/ Phone Pe/ Paytm :- 9525432432

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