4-Week Certificate Course on Legal Research & Writing by Lawful Legal: Apply by July 06

About us

Lawful Legal is more than just an online platform it’s a gateway to making law accessible to everyone. our mission is to provide comprehensive notes on various legal subjects, ensuring that the intricacies of law are easy to understand for all. At Lawful Legal, we believe in nurturing the legal minds of tomorrow. That’s why we offer a range of opportunities for students to develop holistically. Our vision is to elevate the legal profession to new heights. We aspire to create a Gurukul of legal knowledge, where acts, rules, regulations, codes, and orders are not just studied but understood deeply. We aim to empower the legal community, ensuring that the legacy of legal excellence continues to thrive in our society.

About Mentor

Aayushi Singh Tomar, Assistant Professor of Law with 4 years of experience in the field of academics and Legal Research. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) BALLB(H), Specializing in Energy Laws with an LLM Specialized in Intellectual Property Rights. She is currently pursuing her PHD from National Law University, Tripura.

Law students (including LLM students), graduates, academicians, lawyers


Online, live session


The course starts on 06 July 2024 and will go on for 4 week, featuring engaging live classes every weekend.

About Course

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to legal research, covering its importance, types, methods, and processes, along with guidelines on plagiarism, copyright infringement, citation techniques, and the use of key legal research websites. It also includes practical steps for implementing legal research, from preparing notes to writing articles and research papers, and provides guidance on presenting and publishing legal research ethically.

▪️ Course Content:

1.Introduction to Legal Research:

•What is Legal Research and why it is important 

• Types of Legal Research

•Different methods of doing Legal Research

• How to start with Legal Research

• Process of Legal Research

•Research Methods and Methodology

2. Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement:

• Formulating research problem

• Checking Plagiarism 

• Preventing Copyright Infringement

3. How to read and write Citations:

• Cases

• Legislative Materials

• Articles

• Parliamentary Debates

• Books

• Internet Sources

• International Sources, etc.

4. Usage of Websites for Legal Research:

• Indian Kanoon

• SCC Online

• Manupatra

5. Implementing Legal Research:

• Preparing sample Notes

• Creating writing plan- step-by-step guide

• Doing final research

• Writing an Article

• Writing a Research Paper

6. Presenting and Publishing Legal Research

•How to present legal research verbally.

7. Ethics of Legal Research

•Deals with the ethics of legal research.


•Weekend Sessions ONLY and manageable with practice, job, college internship, exams etc.

•Access to Recordings

•Certificate of Completion

•Interactive online classes

•Taught by Academician

•Networking opportunities

•5000+ Editable Legal Drafts

Course Fees

Rs 2,500 (Early Bird till 10th June)
Rs 3,500 (After 10th June)

Payment: lawful.legal@ybl

Gpay/ Phone Pe/ Paytm :- 9525432432

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4-week Certificate Course on Legal Research & Writing by Lawful Legal
4-week Certificate Course on Legal Research & Writing by Lawful Legal

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