On the cold night of december a heinous crime occurred that shock the whole india  a medical student named jyoti has been brutally murdered and raped by 6 mens inculding  a juveline . in private bus in delhi both jyoti who is a physiotherapy intern and her friend have thrown out of the bus in cold night of winters. This incident occurred on 16 of december 2012 around 9:30 pm in night . even the organ of the girl has been destroyed by the criminals .

The proof [facts of the case]

Jyoti singh is a physiotherapy intern in delhi and the victim of the most heinous crime of the country which shocked us . she was returning from watching a movie with her male friend in saket south delhi. Both of them boarded a bus to go to their respective house . 

That bus includes 6 people including a driver and a juvenile . The male friend tried to protect her but was beaten up brutally by all of them and thrown out of the bus . 

She was not only brutally murdered and raped bus also her body has gone through humiliation a normal human can not imagine . 


 This article deals with the aspect of the most brutal case in the history of India, the Nirbhaya case. Nirbhaya stands for fearless; this incident took place in December 2016 .  This article deals with who this case also impacted the legal system of India . 

This case also made history by a lot of changes  made in the proceeding of this case. 

The criminal amendment act of 2013 also referred as the anti rape act . under this act crimes likes stalking  and acid attacks are to be considered as rape . the character of the victim should not be in consideration while dealing with such cases . one of the accused who was the juvenile, the flaw in legal system now after this incident  juvenile fall under the umbrella of age group between 16 -18  might treated as adult criminal if the nature of crime is heinous under the juvenile justice act 2015.  For this case two major committees, usha mehra and justice verma committee to be formed in the aftermath of this event .  After this major criminal reforms took place which is  under section 375 of ipc viginal ,oral and anal sex violates the dignity of women was included .  punishment of gang rape is minimum upto 20 years now which can even increase till  lifetime . even section 166B of ipc made it mandatory to treat victims and hospitalise them ,

Case laws

The court emphasis on rare of the rarest doctrine of bachan singh vs state of punjab 1980 

Which justify death penality in henious crimes . 


The heartwreaking case of Nirbhaya is still one of the most heinous and unhinged cases India glad she got the justice she and every victim deserves. 


1 . When Nirbhaya case happened? 

16 December 2012. 

2. How many criminals get rope in this case ? 

  4 people get roped in this case 


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