Same sex marriage 

Topic: Same sex marriage 


Human beings strive to make connections with people, form relationships, and bring forth a sense of lineage to carry forward to future generations. It does not matter if the connection is to the liking of society; all that matters is if they themselves are at peace with this lineage bond that they have formed. A human tackles the hardships of life by making meaningful relationships that stand the test of time. They help the individual to remain motivated and better themselves in the hopes of living a better life. And keeping our minds closed to anything out of the norm shows a fear of the unknown; similar is the case with people who pander to the LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

Same-sex couples are people who are in a sexual and romantic relationship with people of their same gender. Due to the nature of their relationship, these couples are often criminalized and shunned by societies that do not understand the explanation of the love an individual has for their partner. Over the centuries, through a lot of struggles, people belonging to same-sex relationships or the LGBTQ community have managed to gain recognition not only as citizens of the country but as normal people living in society. But it is still an ongoing process where the concern is their acceptance and integration into society.

One can say that the love or feeling of sexual or romantic desires that an individual arouses is their own and cannot, under any circumstances, be dictated to suit the needs of any person other than themselves. Love is not orchestrated and cannot be bound by the definition of words and sentences; it is a feeling that cannot be bound by the constraints of society and religion. Love is a testament to time that does not need the validation of gender, caste, creed, or money. It is a feeling of care, affection, attraction, and protectiveness that develops within an individual for another; it cannot be bound by the bonds of society. Over the decades, community activists have not only educated people towards accepting the lifestyle but also helped people accept them while helping people come forth with their true identity without any fear of rejection from society. There are still countries that execute and punish their citizens for their partaking in the lifestyle, but the nations and their governments have begun accepting and are aiding activists in taking out the deep-rooted bias prevailing against these individuals in our society.

Same sex marriage 
Same sex marriage 

The take on same-sex couples marriage 

Same-sex marriages refer to marriages between two individuals of the same gender. In India, same-sex marriages are not currently legalized meaning the marriage is not recognized by the government, although there are ongoing efforts to recognize and legalize them. As of now, the only relief for these couples is to engage in the relationship and live together without legalizing their marriage or relationship. The topic of lgbtq rights is still an ongoing procedure that is in dire need of consideration. Our country is built on the cultural belief that a marriage is a sacred event that takes place between a man and his wife, meaning the relationship between same-sex couples is not only unfathomable by our society but also goes against our cultural belief. These thoughts over the years have led to criminalizing and penalizing any person who indulges in the lgbtq community. Though understanding the need for it, the government has taken a step to decriminalize lgbtq practices by striking down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalized homosexuality, which was done by the Supreme Court of India in 2018, but they have still not yet legalized same-sex marriages or adoption by individuals living the lifestyle. Legalizing same-sex marriage and LGBTQ relationships would not only provide legal recognition and protection for LGBTQ+ couples from the violent behaviors of entitled and biased individuals but also promote greater social acceptance and reduce discrimination against the community and the country. It is an important issue for LGBTQ+ rights activists and advocates around the world who seek to raise their voice against injustice committed towards the community, and its significance extends beyond the legal sphere to all-embracing social and cultural attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community.


Author: kaaviya b soman, a 5th year BBA-LLB Student of RV Institute of Legal Studies

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