Science and religion are two different facet of life . Religion was all important and reigned supreme in every sphere of life . But gradually it’s place was taken by science . There are basic differences between the exposure of science and religion . The science is rational , it believes in experiment and observation . It teaches nothing is to believed until it has been proved to be true through experiment . Religion , on the other hand , is a matter of faith . It teaches to believe and have faith in the teaching of holy books . According to some estimates, there are over 4,000 religions and faiths groups . The major religions in the world are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. These five religions represent almost 90% of the world’s believers.                                ..  .                                                                           Anyone , who criticizes the teaching of religion is considered to be a heretic and is violently condemned . In the past , those who dared to question a religious truth were heartlessly persecuted and sentenced. With the advance of science , religion has gingerly lost ground . It’s truth have subjected to searching analysis by science , one after another and have been proved to be false . Many are not even interested in talking about the term religion . Man has a body as well as a spirit . Science is concerned only with the body ; it can do nothing for the spirit . It is religion alone which can console and strengthen the man .

The German scientist Albert Einstein believe that science without religion was lame , and religion without science was blind. 

For Galileo, truth is a unity available to us through the avenues of both religion and science.

Talking about religion , the fastest growing religion today is Islam and it is projected to be the largest one by 2075 . According to Worldometer , the current world population is 8.1 billon people out of which 1.8 billion follows Islam which accounts for 24% of the global population.

Still today people debate about religion and science , but forgets each represents a way to look at the world , choosing one exclusively will not give a holistic view .                                                                             So , it may be mentioned that religion is a social phenomenon as well as personal and individual. It is all about belief . Science has not been able to touch religion , even the least in its personal aspects . There are people even today whose faith in religion remains unshaken and who can still make the sacrifices and act in the name of religion . Thus , it would be wrong to say that science has made man irreligious or doubtful about his existence . Therefore, science and religion are both important facet of modern life and should be considered in part of life .

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Author: ORAIZA WASIM ANSARI , a student at Arka jain university 

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