The relation between political science and history 

 The relation between political science and history 


Politics is the art of managing state affairs. History is a science that examines the political and social relations of human groups in the past with each other . The common feature of these two concepts is humans . People have gathered in history, they have multiplied and then they needed an administrator. The state that emerged towards this need formed the concept of politics over time and later formed history of politics. The combination of history and politics has been discussed for a long time. A politician should know the history of political terms to understand politics but it is unacceptable for politicians to distort historical data of their own interest. History can be guide to politics . This research paper will enable us to recognize the right and wrong attitudes while evaluating the relationship of politicians with history . If we need to examine the relationship between history and politics in Turkey, we can say that these two science that cannot be break away from each other, but in some cases adversely affect each other. While some writers argue that history is a road map for politicians . 

The relationship between history and politics in Turkey is not very sturdy . Authors of writings on this research in Turkey, historians and politicians reflect the history of their own interest . This study will examine the efficiency of history in politics, how much politicians benefit from history and the functioning of these two concepts will be examine in Turkey. 


Political science is made up of two words. Political which is a set of activities associated with the government of country/ an area that makes decisions that affects the group members; and education which is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills , values, beliefs . Historical source is the original information that contains important historical information . These sources inform us about history at the most basic level and these  sources are used as clues in order to study about our past events. The historical information can be obtained from sources like oral tradition, archaeology, linguistics, video, written document, museum, traditional folk songs, monuments, among others. These sources are classified into primary, secondary and scientific forms . 

Political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international level. We are dedicated to developing understanding of institutions, practices and relations that constitute public life and modes of inquiry that promote citizenship . 

  • Contribution of political science to history

Political science is very closely related to history. The relation between the two is so Deep that some scholars like freeman go to the extent of observing that: 

“ History is the past politics and politics is the present History . “ 

Another political thinker Seeley also writes ; 

“ History without political science has no fruit. 

Political science without History has no root . “ 

  • All political institutions – state, government, legislature, executive , judiciary and others – have a history of evolution behind them. 
  • Without studying their history political science cannot really study their contemporary nature, position and relations among these. 
  • Hence, political science always takes the help of history for studying political institutions i.e the history of their evolution from their emergence and gradual evolution into their contemporary forms , powers , function, mutual relations and relative positions . 
  • Likewise, the study of history essentially needs a study of the political implications of all historical events and development in each society. 
  • Without such an exercise history gets reduced to a mere narration of events, episode and development. 
  • History depends upon political science for getting  knowledge  about the political dimensions of historical events. 
  •  History of political institutions constitute a rich area of study to history . 
  • Contribution of political science to History
  1. Politics creates History:   The actions of the States, governments, political parties, political leaders, rulers, statesmen, politicians and diplomats all create history . The political events and movements like the jallianwala bagh tragedy (1919) , Non – violent , Non – cooperation movement 1920 , the civil Disobedience movement 1930 , and quit India movement 1942 have all been the handiworks of political leaders . History of India stands determined by these . The actions of rulers and power- holders always create history . 
  1. Political science makes History fruitful and interesting :  without political science, history gets reduced to a mere discription and narration of events and facts . It is political science which provides meaning to history and makes it interesting and rewarding. History of kings, wars that they fought, and struggles of the people against dictators are all political acts which makes History interesting . 
  1.  Political leaders are the makers of history :  In contemporary times political leaders determine the course of history by their policies , decisions and actions. The leadership of Mahatma Gandhi gave a turn to history and enabled Indians to secure freedom from the clutches of British Imperialism. 

           Vision and decisions of men like jawahar lal nehru, sardar patel, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, set the tone of India’s history as an independent nation . 

Mrs . Indira Gandhi ‘ s role in Bangladesh liberation war against Pakistan and her decision to impose emergency rule in 1975 gave a particular push to Indian history .

4 .  Political science depends upon some and not all historical facts : 

Whereas history is a chronological record of all events and development, political science is interested only in those facts which had an functioning of the state system and government of various states . Political science makes use of some selected historical facts . 

5 . History depends political science for ascertaining casual connections : 

History is only a narration of facts. It is political science which analyses the connections among various facts. Political science gives meaning to historical facts and uses these for answering the questions what should not be done? 

History without politics is fruitless  . History cannot be determine the ultimate end standard of good , bad, right and wrong in political institutions. It is done by political institutions. It is done by political science . Thus political science contributes a lot to history . In fact, political science and history are closely, intimately and inseparably related to each other. Each needs the other . Both are complementary and supplementary to each other.

  • Relationship of political science with history

Intimately connected: without political events , history is only a literature and without History, political science is only a theory. History is past politics and politics is present history . 

According to Seeley , “ history without political science has no fruit, political science with out history has no root . 

History provides raw materials to political science study of political science is possible in the foundation of history  . 

History is the laboratory of political science. They are interlinked, they are interdependent and interrelated . 

Difference between political science and history

  • In their methods of treatment, history is narrative with chronological orders but political science particularize the political events, depicts and analyze . 
  • In scope , history is comprehensive dealings economy, religions, military , social and all aspects but political science deals with State, government authorities and political relations . 
  • History deals with concrete fact whereas political science deals with ideal and abstract fact . 
  • Conclusion 

It is necessary to say the researchers made that history cannot be separated from politics. They affect each other both the sides in science also and in society also . History should not be separated from politics . Historical events should be considered when history politics is guided, but events of the past must not be compared with events of the present. In addition, historical events influenced the structure of world politics . In short , a politician who uses enough of the historical knowledge will guide the people . It can be said that politics should not break away from the science of history because there is always connection between the past and present . The result of researches, it is essential to correct understand and write the history . We cannot adapt  to historical events to today , we can only take lessons from history and if we take right lessons to history , it will be benefit for functioning of politics . Historians often do not want to enter the politics in Turkey and historians who are related to politics cannot agree with politicians . Whatever the case , the two sciences are interdependent each other and indispensable, most essential things that understands them and to interpret them correctly . 

The relation between political science and history 
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Author:- Disha Tomar

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