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Certificate Course on the Three New Criminal Laws

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Lawful Legal is more than just an online platform; it’s a gateway to making law accessible to everyone. our mission is to provide comprehensive notes on various legal subjects, ensuring that the intricacies of law are easy to understand for all. At Lawful Legal, we believe in nurturing the legal minds of tomorrow. That’s why we offer a range of opportunities for students to develop holistically. Our vision is to elevate the legal profession to new heights. We aspire to create a Gurukul of legal knowledge, where acts, rules, regulations, codes, and orders are not just studied but understood deeply. We aim to empower the legal community, ensuring that the legacy of legal excellence continues to thrive in our society.

About Mentor

Adv. Poorvi Baliga is an Assistant Professor of Law with extensive experience in both academia and criminal law. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree and an LLM, specializing in Business and Trade Laws and Intellectual Property Rights. Her interest in criminal law and her deep understanding of the subject matter make her an invaluable resource for students.

With a strong passion for criminal law, Adv. Poorvi Baliga is dedicated to providing students with practical insights and guidance throughout their course. Her commitment to education and her ability to bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world applications ensure that students receive a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.


Online – Microsoft Teams (Live)


The course starts on 13th July, 2024 and will go on for 8 week, featuring engaging live classes every weekend.

Course Content:

(A). Course details are as follows:- 

Module 1

– Introduction and overview of Bhartiya Nyaya Sanhita

– ⁠Legal History of BNS

– ⁠Applicability of BNS

– ⁠Legal status of IPC after enactment of BNS

Module 2

– Key Features of BNS

– ⁠New offences introduced in BNS

-Case Studies and analysis 

Module 3

– Changes in the old offences in BNS

– ⁠Overlapping of BNS with other specific laws

– ⁠Legal Problems in applicability of BNS

Module 4

– Introduction and Overview of Bhartiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita (BNSS)

– ⁠Legal History of BNSS

– ⁠Applicability of BNSS

– ⁠Working of criminal law system after implementation of BNSS

-Case Studies and analysis 

Module 5

– Key changes in BNSS

– ⁠New procedure for FIR registration

– ⁠New things introduced in BNSS

Module 6

– Key Issues in implementation of BNSS

– ⁠Applicability of Crpc after enactment of BNSS

– ⁠overlapping of BNSS with existing laws

– Practical insights for legal professionals and practitioners

Module 7

– Introduction of Bhartiya Suraksha Act

– ⁠Necessity of new Law on evidence

– ⁠Applicability of BNA

– ⁠Additions, Deletions and Modifications and Definitions in BSA

Module 8

– Major changes in BSA

– ⁠Retained provisions

– ⁠Reforms relating to Electronic Evidence

– Case Studies and analysis 

Module 9

– Key legal issues in BSA

– ⁠Positive and negative sides of BSA

– Reforms relating to Relevancy of facts, Primary and Secondary evidence, oral evidence and documentary evidence, Public documents, Burden of Proof and other allied reforms

Module 10

– Interactive Discussions on new criminal laws

– ⁠Problems and day to day challenges in courts after implementation of new criminal laws

– Expert guidance for legal professionals


•Weekend Sessions ONLY and manageable with practice, job, college internship, exams etc.

•Access to Recordings

•Certificate of Completion

•Interactive online classes

•Taught by Academician

•Networking opportunities

•5000+ Editable Legal Drafts

Course Fees

Rs 2,500 (Early Bird till 20th June)
Rs 3,500 (After 20th June)

Payment: lawful.legal@ybl

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